Unwanted pop-up ads from Browntouchmysky.com are displayed on your Windows 10, Windows 11 computer, phone, or tablet. The notifications sent by Browntouchmysky.com are spam notifications.

The ads sent by Browntouchmysky.com are actually push notifications. Push notifications are notifications sent by various browsers when the user has accepted them.

You are deluded if you have no idea why pop-ups appear on your computer, phone, or tablet through the Browntouchmysky.com domain.

The Browntouchmysky.com domain is a fake website set up by online scammers. This website shows you a fake message and tries to convince you via deception to click on the allow button in the browser. In addition, the spammers show fake video ads, captcha notifications, and other landing pages.

If you have accepted notifications from Browntouchmysky.com, you will see notifications appear in the browser or in the bottom right corner in Windows coming from this URL.

Unwanted pop-ups from Browntouchmysky.com then trick you into clicking on the ads. This rogue website does this by displaying fake virus notifications or adult ads. For example, suppose you click on a notification from Browntouchmysky.com. In that case, the browser is redirected through ad networks. The spammers behind this scam earn money for every click and any purchases you make later.

It is essential to remove the notifications that Browntouchmysky.com from your computer, phone, or tablet. You can do this by following the instructions below. First, we are going to adjust the notification settings in your browser. Then I recommend you to check your computer for the presence of malware on your PC.

I have tested these instructions to remove Browntouchmysky.com. All information and instructions in this article are free to apply by anyone.

How do I remove Browntouchmysky.com?

Step 1:

First, download and install Malwarebytes for free. Next, scan your computer for any virus, then follow the steps below.

google chrome logoGoogle Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the Chrome menu button in the top-right corner..
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Privacy and Security.
  • Click Site settings.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Click on the Remove button next to Browntouchmysky.com.

google chrome logoDisable notifications in Google Chrome

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Chrome menu button in the top-right corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Privacy and security.
  • Click on Site settings.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Click on “Don’t allow sites to send notifications” to disable notifications.

android logoAndroid

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Tap on the Chrome menu button.
  • Tap on Settings and scroll down to Advanced settings.
  • Tap on the Site Settings section, tap the Notifications settings, find the Browntouchmysky.com domain, and tap on it.
  • Tap the Clean & Reset button.

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mozilla firefox logoFirefox

  • Open Firefox
  • Click on the Firefox menu button.
  • Click on Options.
  • Click on Privacy & Security.
  • Click on Permissions and then to Settings next to Notifications.
  • Click on the Browntouchmysky.com URL and change the status to Block.

internet explorer logoInternet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • In the top right corner, click on the gear icon (menu button).
  • Go to Internet Options in the menu.
  • Click on the Privacy tab and select Settings in the pop-up blockers section.
  • Find the Browntouchmysky.com URL and click the Remove button to remove the domain.

microsoft edge logoMicrosoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Click on the Edge menu button.
  • Click on settings.
  • Click on Cookies and site permissions.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Click on the “more” button right next to the Browntouchmysky.com URL.
  • Click on Remove.

microsoft edge logoDisable notifications in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Click on the Edge menu button.
  • Click on settings.
  • Click on Cookies and site permissions.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Turn the switch “Ask before sending (recommended)” off.

mac safari logoSafari

  • Open Safari.
  • Click in the menu on Preferences.
  • Click on the website tab.
  • In the left menu click on Notifications
  • Find the Browntouchmysky.com domain and select it, click the Deny button.

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Last Update: June 27, 2023