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Firefox alerts users for reused passwords

Mozilla has added a new feature to Firefox that warns users if they use the same password for multiple accounts, and one of these accounts has been part of a data breach. Firefox already warns users when they log into a website from which user data has been leaked.

Zoom bug let users watch meetings in waiting room

A security vulnerability in videoconferencing software Zoom made it possible for users who were not yet admitted to a meeting to watch anyway. Zoom offers a “waiting room”, where all persons who want to participate in a meeting can be accommodated. The host of the meeting can then give people in the waiting room access to the meeting.… Read More »

Cloudflare replaces Googles reCaptcha with hCaptcha

Internet company Cloudflare has stopped using Googles reCaptcha and now uses hCaptcha instead. This is due to costs, privacy concerns and blockages of Google services in some countries. Cloudflare offers several services, such as DDoS protection and content delivery networks. These services are located between a website and its visitors. In order to determine whether traffic to customer… Read More »

Windows 10: February 2020 antivirus software TEST

The German test lab AV-Test compared twenty virus scanners for Windows 10, and once again, Windows Defender, the antivirus software that is built into the operating system as standard, came out of the test as “Top Product”. The test focused on antivirus packages for end-users. The virus scanners were assessed for malware detection, performance, and usability. In total,… Read More »

Malicious coronavirus tracker locks Android devices

Researchers warn of a rogue app that pretends to be a corona tracker, but in reality, locks Android devices and demands a ransom for unlocking them. The Coronavirus Tracker app is offered outside the Google Play Store via a rogue website – – and claims to be able to monitor the coronavirus outbreak in real-time at street,… Read More »