Remove RGUY Ransomware virus

bombo ransomware

RGUY ransomware is a file-encrypting virus that locks your personal files and personal documents. RGUY ransomware requests bitcoin cryptocurrency to recover the encrypted files. The ransom charge varies from different versions of the RGUY ransomware.

RGUY ransomware encrypts files on your computer and adds a string of unique characters to the extension of the encrypted files. For example, image.jpg becomes image.jpg.RGUY

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The device has been successfully hacked – FAKE email virus

I know one of your passwords

The device has been successfully hacked is a fake e-mail, sent out to deceive you into thinking the hacker knows your password. In the content of the e-mail your password is included, which is odd as to why and how would a hacker know your password? Well, this is most likely due to a recent hack or data breach on a website where hackers collected many passwords.

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