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what is a computervirus

What is a computervirus

A computer virus is a small program that gains access via online data traffic or a data carrier (USB stick, CD-ROM, DVD). It often tries to spread further afterward on the computer. There are many types of viruses that cause damage or decrease the performance of the computer in different ways.

zemana free

How to use Zemana to remove malware

Zemana antivirus is a cloud scanner. A cloud scanner is a program that does not download the malware antivirus definitions to the computer but sends the file being scanned for viruses to a remote server.

Remove ransomware with this free tool

Ransomware is a significant problem today for private computer users but also large companies. This is because more and more cybercriminals are developing software that encrypts files on your computer. This software is often for sale as a ready-made package on websites that are often visited by cybercriminals. Ransomware is, therefore, a significant problem.

What to do when ransomware infected your PC

What to do when ransomware infected your PC

Ransomware is a type of malware, or malicious software, that blocks a computer or encrypts files. Only when you pay a ransom (ransom) would you be able to use the computer or files again. Other terms for ransomware are cryptoware or hostage software.

How do I know if my computer is infected with malware

How do I know if my computer is infected with malware?

Have you noticed that your PC is a bit slow lately or that some strange processes are active in the background? Then you may have fallen victim to malware. But the signs are not always clear. That’s why I give five ways to check if you have become a victim of the malware.


How to Remove Mac malware manually

More and more Mac computers are becoming victims of malware. This is a fact. Mac malware has grown exceptionally in 2020. This is because the number of Mac users has also increased significantly, and cybercriminals focus on making the most victims.

recover files encrypted by ransomware

How to recover files after ransomware virus

More and more computers are infected by ransomware. Every day there are new victims whose computer data is encrypted by ransomware. These are more and more private individuals but also large companies. If ransomware has encrypted the computer data, an amount of money is requested in virtual cryptocurrency.

remove malware from mac

Remove malware from Mac with CleanMyMac

do you still think Mac computers can’t get infected with malware? Then think again. Mac computers are increasingly infected with malware such as adware, viruses, and even ransomware. So it’s essential to adequately protect your Mac against malware.