Adobe buys social media marketing startup ContentCal

Adobe is expanding its portfolio into social media marketing by purchasing British startup ContentCal. The technology allows customers to set up B2B marketing campaigns via social media.

Financial details of the ContentCal acquisition are unknown, but insiders tell Bloomberg that Adobe will pay more than €88 million ($100 million) for the social media marketing startup. With the acquisition, Adobe wants to further expand the social media capabilities of its own tools. The company is increasingly looking at technology that expands the capabilities of its own software. In August, it also acquired collaborative video editing software company

Technology ContentCal

ContentCal provides a content marketing platform that makes it easy for companies to plan and execute their social marketing activities. The platform ensures that the various content processes with drag-and-drop end up in one place and are adaptable. It should reduce content management times.

The platform also enables customers to collaborate on content creation, sharing, scheduling and publishing. This is to get more traction on social media. In addition, the platform has functionality that further optimizes the content, such as performance tracking, report generation and insight into what works across channels.

The platform also features tooling to help customers stay productive, discover new content ideas, streamline approvals, and prepare posts for publishing. The created content and social media posts can be distributed directly from the platform to the main social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.