Alienware Unveils Concept Nyx for Casting PC Games to Every Screen in the House

Alienware has come up with the concept system Nyx that can stream PC games to multiple devices in a household. According to Alienware, it should be possible to play a game on the laptop, and then immediately continue playing on the TV, for example.

This should be made possible by Nyx running the games from a local system and streaming over the home network, rather than over distant servers. Since the processing is done locally, Dell’s gaming brand emphasizes that latency is lower and bandwidth is higher. The response time is also said to be fast, eliminating the shortcomings of alternatives such as cloud gaming, according to the company.

Alienware also says that Nyx should eventually make it possible to split-screen cast up to four different games to the same television, so that in theory four people can play their game on one TV. Alienware reports that the idea is that Nyx will work with an app that will be available on all devices, allowing users to cast their games to all devices with displays that are connected to the local network at the touch of a button.

As the name implies, it is a concept and not an actual product. Alienware is demonstrating the concept at CES, where it was possible to play two games simultaneously on one screen. The test session of The Verge was about Rocket League and Cyberpunk 2077. However, this concept version currently still requires very powerful hardware that is able to run multiple games at the same time. Alienware says it wants to further develop the concept for a possible future product, but how long it will take before that, and in what form it will be available, the company has not announced.

Alienware already unveiled the concept of UFO at CES in 2020, a handheld game console that is basically a complete Windows 10 PC. At the time, wrote a hands-on preview about the device. Since then, the company has not released much about the concept, although the Concept UFO controllers were used again for Concept Nyx’s play sessions.