Apple appears to be tackling iOS beta profile websites

Apple seems to want to take legal action on iOS beta profile websites. Two of the best-known sites for getting the required beta profile for new iOS betas are offline. Apple also allegedly sent Twitter requests to remove tweets linking to one of the sites.

The and sites are already offline, and Beta Profiles says “I don’t want to get into a legal fight with Apple.” The site received a letter from Apple’s lawyers. It is obvious that the same thing happened with, although that website has not provided an explanation. There is a letter on GitHub that Apple’s lawyers sent to Twitter. It lists tweets that link to

On the sites, users could find a beta profile for test versions of Apple’s operating systems. For example, it was possible to access the developer betas of Apple’s operating systems without a developer account. This was done by downloading the required profile via one of the websites. The sites have been around for years and it is unknown why Apple is taking legal action now.