Apple earns significantly more from services, Mac sales dropped significantly

Apple has seen a significant increase in service revenues in the past quarter. iPhones also continue to provide more earnings. Other products such as Mac computers, iPads and wearables underperformed.

In total, Apple earned about $83 billion in the second quarter of 2022, of which $19.4 billion in profit, according to recent quarterly figures from the company. Converted, the company from Cupertino had a turnover of more than 81.3 billion euros and more than 19 billion euros in profit. According to the company, there has never been such a high turnover in the June quarter as this year.

This was made possible, among other things, by a turnover of more than 39.7 billion euros from iPhones, almost three percent more than in the same quarter last year. The largest increase was achieved in the services segment; services such as Apple Arcade, Music and TV earned more than 19 billion euros, an increase of almost 13 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Macs, iPads and wearables in Q2 2022 were 10, nearly 2 and nearly 8 percent lower, respectively, than last year.

Apple does not share expectations for next quarter, but CEO Tim Cook told CNBC that despite a difficult quarter ahead, sales are expected to increase. “We’re seeing the effects of inflation in our cost structure. We’re also seeing it in aspects like logistics, wages and certain silicon-based components; we’re still hiring, but we’re doing it in a deliberate way.”