is a scam you should avoid while shopping online. This fake website claims to sell various products at very low prices but will send you counterfeit or inferior goods.

This article will reveal how the scam operates, red flags to watch for, and, most importantly, recommendations to protect yourself from being scammed by this store and others.

Online shopping has become a convenient and popular way to purchase goods. However, with the rise of shopping online, there has also been an increase in fraudulent websites that aim to deceive unsuspecting shoppers. One such website is, which offers steep discounts and low prices on various products. Here is what to look for and do if scams you.

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The Domain Was Only Registered Recently

One of the first red flags that caught our attention was that the domain was only registered recently.

According to WHOIS records, the website was created less than a year ago when I wrote this article. This raises suspicion as most legitimate online stores have existed for several years. Moreover, the website’s short lifespan indicates that it could be a temporary platform created solely for fraud.

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Little to No Social Media Presence

Another concerning aspect of is its lack of social media presence. While most legitimate businesses use social media as a marketing tool to reach a wider audience, has no official accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

This is highly unusual for an online store, especially one that claims to offer discounted products. It is worth noting that the absence of a social media presence makes it difficult for customers to leave reviews or report any issues they may have encountered with the website.

Incorporation of Stolen Images in Product Photos

Upon further investigation, we discovered that uses stolen images in its product photos. Fraudulent websites use this tactic to make their products appear more legitimate. Using images from reputable brands creates a false sense of trust and credibility.

However, upon receiving the product, customers often find that it is not what was advertised in the photo. This indicates that is not a legitimate store and is trying to deceive its customers.

Significant Discounts That Are Too Good to Be True

One of the main tactics fraudulent websites use is offering significant discounts on their products. This is also the case with, where customers can find products at absurdly low prices. For example, a designer handbag typically costs hundreds of dollars and is listed for only a little money on

While this may seem like a great deal, it is essential to remember the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Such steep discounts are not feasible for legitimate businesses and should raise suspicion among potential buyers.

No Legitimate Customer Reviews

Another red flag we noticed while researching is the absence of legitimate customer reviews. While the website claims to have thousands of satisfied customers, no reviews or ratings are available on the site itself.

This is highly unusual for an online store, as most customers leave feedback on their experience with the products and services. The lack of reviews could indicate that the website has not delivered any products to its customers or that the reviews are fabricated.

Almost non-existent organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the number of visitors that come to a website through search engines. In the case of, we found that the website has almost nonexistent organic traffic. This means the website is not ranking on search engines, which is highly unlikely for a legitimate online store.

It is common for fraudulent websites to use paid advertisements to attract customers rather than relying on organic traffic. This further supports our conclusion that is a scam.

Scammers Can Exploit Your Credit Card for Purchases

One of the most significant risks of interacting with fraudulent websites like is the possibility of stealing your credit card information. When purchasing on the website, customers must enter their credit card details, which scammers can use to make unauthorized purchases.

This can lead to financial loss and identity theft. It is crucial to be cautious when entering personal and financial information on any website, especially one identified as fraudulent.

Use Your Email Address and Other Data Against You

Apart from credit card information, also collects other personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and shipping addresses. Scammers can use this data for various purposes, including sending spam emails or selling it to third parties.

Moreover, if you have used the same password for multiple accounts, scammers can use this data to access your other accounts. It is essential to be vigilant and regularly change your passwords to prevent such incidents.

Contact Your Bank for a Refund and to Prevent Suspicious Transactions

If you have already made a purchase on and have not received your product or have received a fake or low-quality item, it is essential to contact your bank immediately. They can assist you in getting a refund for the transaction and block any suspicious transactions using your credit card information. Monitoring your bank statements regularly is also advisable to ensure no unauthorized charges.


In conclusion, our thorough analysis of has led us to the unmistakable conclusion that it is a fraudulent website with harmful intentions toward its buyers. From the short lifespan of the website to the lack of social media presence and legitimate customer reviews, numerous warning signs suggest that is a fake online store. I urge readers to be cautious when purchasing online and to do thorough research before entering personal and financial information on any website. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stay safe and shop smart!

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Last Update: April 1, 2024