Bungie has Destiny 2 livestream scheduled for August 23

Bungie will air a Destiny 2 livestream on August 23. It looks like the developer is going to provide more information about the Lightfall expansion in the broadcast. It is not yet known what time the livestream will start.

Bungie posted a teaser of the Lightfall expansion on Thursday, announcing the livestream. More information about the expansion, such as a specific release date, has not been provided by the developer in the teaser. Lightfall was announced in 2020 and is due out next year. It is likely that Bungie will also tell more about the eighteenth season of its shooter in the livestream, which starts on August 23.

The last Destiny 2 expansion was The Witch Queen, which was released on February 22, 2022. The expansion adds a new weapon type and crafting system. Bungie will continue to support Destiny 2, which came out in 2017, for years to come and will continue to make expansions. In February, the developer announced that it will open an office in Amsterdam next year.