Cheaper Netflix subscription with advertising gets fewer movies and series

The upcoming cheaper Netflix subscription that shows advertisements will have a smaller selection of films and series than other subscriptions. However, ‘the vast majority’ of the content remains accessible via the cheaper subscription.

Netflix is ​​currently negotiating with publishers about the content that can be offered via the advertising subscription, the streaming service says in a video. The vast majority of films and series would be available immediately via the much-discussed advertising subscription, but in some cases the license deal with publishers has to be renegotiated. Netflix is ​​working with Microsoft on the new subscription.

“At the moment, the vast majority of content that can be viewed on Netflix could also be viewed via the advertising subscription. There are also cases where this does not apply and we are in discussion with the relevant studios. (…) We’re going to transfer some extra content to that subscription, but certainly not everything,” said Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos in the video presentation.

CFO Spencer Neumann adds that these will not be essential additions to the subscription in question. Hopefully we can supplement the offer a bit [met extra uitgeversrechten]but we will be disciplined about that.”

The latter probably means that the service will be selective in transferring extra content to the advertising subscription. It is a given that all original Netflix content is available regardless of which subscription one purchases. License deals, on the other hand, cost the streaming service extra, a luxury that the company is less able to afford due to various setbacks.