Fifth beta of iOS 16 includes battery percentage indicator in status bar

Apple’s fifth beta of iOS 16 includes an optional battery percentage indicator for notch iPhones. Older iPhones without a notch show the battery percentage next to a battery. The optional iOS 16 indicator shows the battery percentage in that battery.

With the latest iOS 16 beta, users can choose in the settings to see the battery percentage in the status bar, writes 9To5Mac, among others. The battery in the status bar is then completely black or white, depending on the color scheme, and shows the battery percentage.

When the battery percentage drops below 20 percent, the battery changes to show it’s low, Apple Software Updates reports on Twitter. The battery is then only about one fifth full and is red. Between 20 and 100 percent, the battery therefore resembles a full battery and the status of the battery can be read with the percentage. When the battery saver mode is on, the battery is yellow. When the phone is charging, it will turn green.

The battery percentage indicator was a much requested feature within iOS. Initially, iOS showed with a battery how much the battery was approximately filled and next to it was a percentage that indicated exactly how much energy the battery still contains. Since the iPhone X appeared in 2017, iPhones with a notch no longer have that battery percentage, but only the battery display. To still see a percentage, users must go to the Control Center.