Google makes cloud-based IDS service generally available

Google has made Cloud IDS generally available. With the solution, companies can better protect themselves against malware, spyware, command and control attacks and other network threats.

With general availability, Google wants to offer its customers an alternative to solutions from other vendors. According to Google, these alternatives are often very complex to manage, difficult to scale and cost too much.


Cloud IDS enables its customers to quickly implement a kind of “invisible security” for their network environments with just a few clicks. This allows them to better protect applications within their network environments. Especially against network-based attacks. Think of malware, spyware and C&C attacks.

The tech giant’s solution is based on technology from partner Palo Alto Networks. This gives users insight into, among other things, the network traffic that enters their (cloud) environments and the mutual traffic between the various workloads.

Other options

In addition, the cloud-based solution gives enterprises capabilities such as availability in all Google Cloud regions, autoscaling in all regions, daily detection signatures, ISO27001 certification, and integration with the Google Chronicle security analytics platform. The latter functionality gives customers greater insight into the threats emerging in Cloud IDS.

Google Cloud IDS is now available everywhere. The costs are based on the hourly usage of the Cloud IDS client and the amount of data traffic being examined.