Google releases latest beta Android 13

Google has released the latest beta of Android 13. The build only contains a number of bug fixes, but since the last beta no new features are added. Google promises to provide more information about the final release in the coming weeks.

It had been clear for months that the last beta would be released in July, because that’s how it was already on the roadmap. The latest test version was released on Wednesday evening. Google also designates the beta as a release candidate. “This update includes a release candidate build of Android 13 for Pixel devices and the Android emulator.”

With the promise to provide more information about the eventual release in the coming weeks, it seems that Google is aiming to release Android 13 before the end of the summer. The final release of Android 12 was in October. Android versions before that were usually released in August and September.

In Android 13, the search giant announced earlier, apps can have basic versions of their own icons for use in ‘themed icons’. As a result, all icons are in the same style and with the same color scheme. Android 13 also gets a new WiFi permission, NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES. With this permission, apps will be able to connect to other Wi-Fi devices without sharing the device’s location and giving permission via Android. Apps that want to connect to nearby Wi-Fi devices, but don’t need location data, can use this runtime permission select.

Developers of apps that can generate their own Quick Settings buttons can use a new api in Android 13 to call up a banner in their app that allows the own settings button to be added directly to the Quick Settings panel. This eliminates the need for users to exit the app to add the button to the panel at the top of the screen.

Google releases latest beta Android 13 1