Intel introduces new oneAPI 2022 toolkits

Intel has introduced its oneAPI 2022 toolkits. These new toolkits help developers find Intel CPU and GPU hardware for the best application performance. The oneAPI 2022 toolkits have new functionality for this.

Intel’s oneAPI toolkits, which consist of various cross-architecture and open-source components, allow developers to experiment with different types of CPUs and GPUs to optimize application performance. In this way, they can easily find out which hardware is right for their applications, without having to invest in each separate CPU or GPU for testing.


The now presented oneAPI 2022 toolkits now include functionality for a unified compiler that implements code such as C++, SYCL and Fortran and data parallel Python for CPUs and GPUs. In addition, the toolkits include so-called advanced accelerator performance modelling, tuning, performance acceleration for AI and ray tracing visualization workloads.

In this way, developers can use tools that improve productivity and code development speed to build applications for multiple processor architectures. This using a series of new APIs.

Hardware Support

In addition, the chip giant indicates that the toolkits support a range of new processors and GPUs. These include the 12th generation Intel Core processors with AVX-VNNI, the upcoming Saphire Rapids Next Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel Advanced Matrix Extension (Intel AMX) and the upcoming Intel Xe client and data center GPUs.

Intel’s oneAPI 2022 toolkits are available immediately.