LG Announces UltraFine OLED Displays for Graphics Professionals

LG announces two displays with automatic color calibration. The 27- and 32-inch models build on the existing LG UltraFine product line.

Automatic calibration allows graphics professionals to match the color reproduction of a display with the needs of a project.

Suppose you are faced with the task of designing a poster for presentation on a whiteboard in a conference room. You know the specifications of the whiteboard. With that knowledge, you calibrate the display on which you work on the project. This way you design with a reference of the colors that actually show the end result. After all, color reproduction differs per display.

The calibration function in LG’s new models (32BP95E and 27BP95E) facilitates the process. Typically, a graphics professional depends on specific factory settings or third-party software. LG integrates the feature to promote ease of use.

Professional use

Calibration is undoubtedly the distinguishing factor, but other specifications are nothing to shrug off. Both models build on the existing UltraFine product line. That means a slim design, an OLED panel, professional contrast ratios and a large number of ports.

The exact moment of availability is unknown. LG reports that the displays will be launched in the near future.