MacBook Pro 16 inch (2021) has problems with MagSafe charging

Apple’s MacBook Pro 16-inch reportedly has a bug, causing some users to notice that the laptop doesn’t charge via the MagSafe connection… but in one specific situation.

MacRumors noted that there is a similarity between the issues. They pulled this information from posts on Reddit (and the MacRumors forums themselves): The MacBook Pro won’t charge itself when completely turned off.

This is a very specific scenario, where the laptop is turned off (with the lid closed) and then the MagSafe cable is connected. In the problem cases, the user will hear the charging sound and the charging light will start to blink orange, resulting in the battery not charging. If the charger is connected while the MacBook Pro is still on, after which the laptop is turned off, it will charge normally.

As MacRumors notes, Apple has since written a roadmap for scenarios where a blinking amber light is visible while charging, but these steps don’t seem to make any difference to these errors.

Analysis: Hopefully a bug in the software?

What’s going on now, according to reports from affected MacBook owners? And more importantly, is there already a possible solution?

The original posts from this Reddit thread notes that Apple’s tech support offered a fix, but it only worked temporarily. They claim that the support team has admitted that Apple is “aware of the issue and investigating”. The most important advice was to charge the MacBook in sleep mode, or with the lid open, for the time being. Or, as we just described, to attach the MagSafe charger before shutting down the notebook.

The very first post on that thread complains about this issue and later notes that Apple is going to replace their MacBook Pro 16-inch (after several diagnostic tests run by the user).

In the discussion on the MacRumors thread about the matter, several affected owners have suggested that it is a macOS software bug, and also related to fast charging (some say it is due to the fact that the original 140W charger is not used. other charger prevents charging, or a very slow charging session).

So if Apple investigates the problem, there is hope. Is it a bug in the software? Then it can be easily fixed with a macOS update.