‘Microsoft will be undisputed market leader in the IT market in 2021’

Synergy Research Group has analyzed the 2021 IT market. Microsoft is the big winner.

According to the market experts, Microsoft is by far the highest-earning business IT supplier today. In 2021, the company was able to earn no less than 106 billion euros ($120 billion) from its business customers. IBM follows in second place and Amazon (AWS) in third place. The top five was further completed by Huawei and Cisco in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Sales position

In terms of revenue growth, AWS was the absolute leader. That saw its turnover increase by 36 percent in 2021. Salesforce came in second with revenue growth of 25 percent and Microsoft with 24 percent. The only major IT player that saw its turnover fall (-9 percent) was Huawei. The turnover of Nokia and Ericsson remained fairly stable.

The researchers naturally identify the various sanctions as the reason for the decline in Huawei’s turnover. Huawei itself can do little about this. For the disappointing results of Nokia and Ericsson, Synergy Research Group indicates that service providers and operators have spent less money on technology this year than large companies.

Popular and fast-growing market segments

The researchers also looked at which IT market segments are the most popular and generate the most revenue. They indicate that before 2021 this was mainly the market for cloud infrastructure services, collaboration services and business software/SaaS products. Other strong market segments were data center infrastructure and enterprise IT services.