‘Misconfigured Microsoft server leaked data from 65,000 companies’

Security company SOCRadar has discovered a data breach on a Microsoft server. The company gained access to 2.4TB of data containing data from more than 65,000 companies. Microsoft acknowledges the data breach but says SOCRadar exaggerates the number of victims.

According to SOCRadar, the Microsoft server contained more than 335,000 email addresses, information on more than 133,000 business projects, and data from approximately 548,000 individuals. The security company could identify quotes, order forms, signed documents, price lists, sales strategies, and other essential business data.

SOCRadar notified Microsoft of the vulnerability on September 24. The American company then quickly devised a solution and shielded the data. Microsoft regrets the error and confirms that personal names, email addresses, company names, phone numbers, and files were accessible through the server. The company does say that SOCRadar misjudged the size of the leak. According to Microsoft, there would be a lot of duplicate data on the server.

The company also regrets that SOCRadar has released a tool that allows customers to check if their data has been leaked. According to Microsoft, this tool can still expose customers’ data. All customers involved in the leak have been notified, according to Microsoft.

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