Mozilla test feature to view open tabs on other devices

Mozilla is testing the new Firefox View feature in its browser’s test builds. The feature adds a button to Firefox that can open newly opened or closed tabs on other devices.

The new feature was discovered by Ghacks in a recent test build of Firefox. With Firefox View, Mozilla seems to make it easier to share tabs between different devices. It’s already possible to share bookmarks between devices if users sign in with a Firefox account, but Firefox View goes one step further.

Tab Pickup allows you to open recently opened tabs on another device. For example, it allows users to open a tab on their desktop that they first viewed on their phone. In addition, recently closed tabs are shown. It also shows the specific time when a tab was closed.

Firefox View is available in the Beta, Developer, and Nightly builds of the web browser. Mozilla hasn’t announced the feature yet, so it’s also unknown when we can expect Firefox View in the live version of Firefox.