Netflix subscription via iOS app can now be taken out outside of Apple

Netflix now makes it possible for iOS users to subscribe to the streaming service without the intervention of Apple. Recently, certain types of iOS apps are allowed to link to their own website from within the app. Netflix now uses this.

In the Netflix app for iOS, a button will now appear for non-subscribers when starting the app that takes the user to an external web page to take out a subscription. Previously, users had to go to the streaming service’s website themselves to get this done. Until recently, Apple did not allow apps to link to their own website.

Not all apps are allowed to use external links to allow users to make purchases. It only concerns ‘reader’ apps where users can buy digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and videos, as is the case with Amazon, Spotify and Netflix. The same applies to dating apps, although they still have to pay a commission to Apple.

When opening the link, a warning appears that the user is being redirected to an external website and that he is no longer dealing with Apple from that point on. Thus, Apple is not responsible for the transactions or cancellation of the subscription. Very little has changed in that regard. In 2018, Netflix already stopped the option to take out an in-app subscription, because otherwise the service would have to pay a commission to Apple. Spotify also made this choice.