Nvidia investigates cyber attack on internal systems

Parts of Nvidia have likely been offline for two days due to a cyber attack. It is not yet known if any data was captured or if Nvidia was otherwise harmed.

For now, the chip manufacturer has only officially confirmed that it is “investigating a possible incident. In contrast, an employee of the company reported to The Telegraph that the incident was a massive cyberattack in which internal systems were said to have been ‘completely compromised’ for two days. Internal email and developer systems are said to have been regularly offline in recent days.

It is not clear whether the outages were caused by the cyber-attack or whether this was a precautionary measure by Nvidia. The exact nature, purpose and scale of the attack is also unknown at this time.

As far as is known, Nvidia has not yet tracked down a perpetrator. In recent weeks there have been regular large-scale cyber attacks associated with the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As yet, there are no indications that the attack on Nvidia has anything to do with the war in Eastern Europe.