Nvidia suspends Russia activities over Ukraine war

Nvidia announced on Monday that it will cease all activities in Russia. The manufacturer had already stopped shipping its products to the country, but now it will stop its other services as well.

Initially, Nvidia continued to provide services to “support its employees and their families,” Bloomberg news agency reported. The manufacturer is now going to cease all activities. “Due to recent developments, we can no longer operate effectively there,” Nvidia said. “All employees will be given the option to continue their jobs in other countries.”

Nvidia is part of an ever-growing list of companies that are shutting down their services in Russia following the invasion of Ukraine. Chip makers Intel and AMD have also halted deliveries to Russia. Automaker Ford indicated to cease its activities in the country until further notice and previously Walt Disney and Warner Bros. also announced that they would no longer release new films in Russia for the time being. Furthermore, Apple and Sony have also stopped selling products in Russia.

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