SharePlay finally available on macOS 12.1, Universal Control delayed

Apple has launched its latest OS update: macOS Monterey 12.1. With this update, many new features and upgrades are within your reach. Unfortunately, one key feature that many Mac users have been looking forward to has been delayed until 2022.

Starting today, Apple users can access SharePlay, which allows you to share TV shows, movies, music and other media via Facetime on your Mac or iPad. And that can go either way: iPad users can share media with Mac users during the same conversation and vice versa.

Other new features in the 12.1 update include Apple Music Voice Plan, new child and parent safety features in Message, redesigned Reminders in Photos, and more.

Apple users will have to wait until next spring for the Universal Control feature, as 9to5Mac discovered. This feature was actually promised in the fall update. Above all, there is no way to try out this new feature unless you take the roundabout way that Mac to Mac support allows.

Analysis: What is Universal Control?

Universal Control allows Mac and iPad users to control both devices simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse or trackpad. According to the official description, you can move your cursor from a Mac to an iPad, type with the same keyboard on both devices, or even drag images from one device to another.

It’s a really ambitious feature that aims to completely unify the experience across devices. But unfortunately it seems that Apple has taken too much on the fork, given the long delay.