Tumblr content will remain censored in iOS application for now

Not all content from Tumblr is visible in the iOS application. Under the terms of the Apple App Store, the blogging platform must block certain sensitive content.

Under the terms of the Apple App Store, some content normally accessible on the Tumblr blogging platform will not be visible in the iOS mobile application. Certain tags with a ‘sensitive’ character are automatically blocked. This can be sexual content, but also content about suicide, for example.

The main reason for this blocking of certain content is that Apple’s App Store specifically screens content in applications for certain unwanted content.

Statement Tumblr

Tumblr gives in a statement to that it is aware that certain content is not visible in its iOS application. The blogging platform says in the statement that they have had to make changes to meet Apple’s requirements. This primarily concerns requirements regarding sensitive content. Tumblr understands that these changes may cause frustration for users and visitors to the platform.

The blogging platform is said to be working on new solutions that should address this problem. These solutions should be available shortly. Until then, Tumblr plans to keep the community updated on the progress.

Long discussion with Apple

Tumblr has had a dispute with Apple about the accessibility of certain content for some time. In 2018, child pornography was found on the blogging platform, after which Apple removed Tumblr’s iOS app from its App Store. Since then, Tumblr ensures that the content meets the requirements as much as possible.