WhatsApp develops handy tool to make your own stickers

In a beta version of the latest WhatsApp desktop app, the new option for creating stickers was spotted. Rolling out more widely means you’re no longer limited to third-party apps or sticker packs. In other words: if you want to convert your wedding photo into a sticker to share in chats, you can.

The news about the sticker tool was first shared on Twitter by Mukul Sharma:

WhatsApp to get ‘create your own stickers’ feature soon, spotted in beta.

Of course, you’ll still mostly use text in the messaging app (provided you’re not video calling), but emoji also play an important role in conveying emotions and feelings. Recently, apps like WhatsApp have introduced stickers to provide an additional means of expression in addition to emoji.

WhatsApp already has quite a few of its own stickers, which you can add to your collection by installing sticker packs. These packs can be free or paid, but you may not have found the sticker pack that really suits you. Fortunately, it seems that WhatsApp is quietly providing a solution to that big problem.

Get creative

If you’re already panicking about your creative skills, don’t worry. WhatsApp’s sticker tool is very user-friendly. It looks like a simple image editor that you probably already know.

You can quickly import an image from your computer to use the editing tools to select the most interesting part of the photo. Of course you can also rotate photos, add text and add shapes or other elements.

WhatsApp users have long wanted to be able to make their own stickers. At this point, we can’t say when the sticker tool will leave beta testing and be made available to more people. It’s also not possible to say when (and: if) the tool will be available to smartphone users, although it’s hard to imagine that this feature will remain exclusive to the desktop app. But stay tuned: we will keep you informed of new developments.