WhatsApp gives users 2.5 days to delete messages

WhatsApp now gives users 2.5 days to delete messages, the chat app has announced. The Meta subsidiary gave users just over an hour to delete messages, but that limit has now been stretched.

It is unknown why users have so much longer to delete messages. WhatsApp only says that users now have more time to think. During a short test it turned out that messages from a few days ago can still be removed for everyone. The feature can be found when users long-press a message to open additional options. The text that a message has been deleted will remain in the place where a message used to be.

WhatsApp gave users just over an hour to delete a message. Competitor Telegram has not set a time limit and always lets users delete messages. Apple plans that function for its messaging service iMessage, but users can delete messages for a maximum of two minutes and a history can also be seen.

Users have been able to delete messages for themselves for years; since 2017 they can also delete messages for other users. This only concerns the messages they have sent themselves. A feature is also coming, where admins can delete posts in a group. It is only available to beta users.