Windows 11 build 25169 includes new Spotlight theme and multi-app kiosk mode

Microsoft has released a new test version of Windows 11 in the Dev Channel. Build 25169 includes a new Spotlight theme, a multi-app kiosk mode option, and more functionality for the Settings app.

Windows 11 experimental users will have the option to activate the Windows Spotlight theme with build 25169. This new theme ensures that the operating system will automatically set new background images from the Bing search engine at periodic intervals. It will also be possible to activate the Spotlight function with self-created themes.

Microsoft has also expanded the kiosk mode in this build. From now on, system administrators can choose to allow multiple apps in kiosk mode while leaving other apps or features disabled. According to the company, this should enable even more scenarios where a single device is used by several people at the same time. Programs that until recently could only be removed, modified or restored via the Control Panel, according to Microsoft, can also be managed via the Settings app with this build. By the way, the company has fixed a lot of bugs in build 25169.

It is by no means certain whether the aforementioned new functions will ever make it to the final versions of Windows. At the beginning of this year, Microsoft stated that the Dev Channel will become even more the place for experimental functions. Sometimes the Dev Channel will also contain ideas or concepts that will never make it to a final build of Windows. Windows 11 Build 25169 is available to users of the Windows Insider Program and will be released in the Dev Channel.


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