Windows 11 gets visual effects that won’t slow down your PC

Windows 11 is getting a visual boost as Microsoft will extend the “Mica” effect to more apps in their operating system.

Windows Latest noticed this extension. In case you’re not familiar with the effect, the Mica theme is a semi-transparent effect that is applied to windows and title bars so that the desktop shines through. Although it gives a nice effect, it is a subtle addition to your work experience. As Microsoft explains, “it only sample your desktop once to create the effect”.

Because the desktop is only sampled once, that means less performance loss. You get some extra shine to the desktop environment without incurring any sluggishness, especially with older or less powerful hardware.

A Reddit user noticed that Mica was available in Microsoft Word, and as Windows Latest notes, Mica has also been introduced in the title bar of the Feedback Hub and Tips apps in Windows 11 for preview builds. Windows 11 basic apps like Paint, Photos, Calculator and the Edge browser.

Analysis: Mica helps you focus

It seems that Mica will gradually become available in all Windows 11 (and Microsoft Office) core apps. That’s a nice prospect, because you get a nicer UI without (hopefully) noticeable impact on performance.

Of course, the software giant can’t afford to introduce effects that slow down your computer, especially since Windows is responsible for basic operation of your computer. In addition, Microsoft is eager to spread the word that it will be working hard over the next year to significantly improve the performance of core interface elements in Windows 11, including fixing some Explorer issues that some users have encountered.

Mica doesn’t just look pretty, by the way. Microsoft designed it so that Mica draws attention to the app you are currently using. For inactive apps that are open, Windows shifts back to a solid neutral color. That gives you a clear signal and visual differentiation for the active application. In short: your attention remains more on the open app!