Windows 11 update Sun Valley 2 coming months later than expected

“Sun Valley 2”, the first major update to Windows 11, was expected early in the new year. New sources question the release date.

Three months after the launch of Windows 11, the dust has settled. Not everyone is impressed. Microsoft received a wealth of feedback. Windows experts expected to see the points for improvement at the beginning of the year in ‘Sun Valley 2’, Microsoft’s code name for the first major update of Windows 11. Meanwhile, the expectation seems too optimistic.

New sources of WindowsCentral suggest that Microsoft is working towards a May 2022 deadline. If the organization remains on schedule, the update will appear around the summer.

First the basics

In the same period, Microsoft is completing the full rollout of the first version of Windows 11. Not everyone has received the update, because Microsoft is rolling out the switch in phases. By spreading updates, the organization hopes to improve the experience of users with less powerful devices. A lesson from Windows 10’s stiff launch.

“New devices are first and foremost eligible,” a spokesperson said. “We then fine-tune the order based on hardware: reliability, compatibility, and other factors that affect the update experience. We expect to be able to equip all eligible devices with Windows 11 by half of 2022. If your device is eligible, Windows Update will notify you.”

Sun Valley 2

The official release date of Sun Valley 2 has not yet been announced by the organization. WindowsCentral’s expectations may differ from reality.