The popular television network Nickelodeon is investigating a potential leak of its production material. Reports have emerged on platforms such as Twitter, claiming that a substantial amount of Nickelodeon’s videos, audio files, scripts, and graphics, totaling five hundred gigabytes, have been leaked. The alleged leak is said to have occurred through a Discord server earlier this year.

In response to these reports, a spokesperson for Nickelodeon stated that they are aware of the social media claims and have initiated an investigation into the matter. The network reassured that the leaked content appears limited to production files and does not include employee or user data. Additionally, it has been noted that some of the leaked material seems to be several decades old.

Multiple media outlets have confirmed that the leaked data comprises previously unreleased Nickelodeon content. However, the exact cause and method of the data leak remain unknown. According to vx-underground, the breach was reportedly linked to an authentication issue within Nickelodeon’s “consumer products and experience” portal, inadvertently granting unauthorized access to the network’s animation department. It has been stated that the issue has since been resolved and addressed.

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Last Update: July 9, 2023