OpenAI has temporarily suspended the Browse with Bing beta feature for paying ChatGPT users, citing occasional issues with displaying content unintendedly. The feature was launched on June 22nd, but it is unclear when it will be reinstated.

Reason for Disabling the Feature

OpenAI has disabled the internet browsing function in ChatGPT as a precautionary measure to protect content owners. In some instances, ChatGPT displayed information in unintended ways, such as inadvertently displaying the full text of a URL when only requested to show it. This suggests the tech company has taken the feature offline due to copyright considerations. OpenAI does not provide any other specific examples.

Duration and Future Availability

The Browse with Bing feature was only in beta for over two weeks. OpenAI states that it intends to make Browse with Bing available again as soon as possible but does not provide an estimated timeline for its return.

Functionality and Purpose of Browse with Bing

The Browse with Bing feature allows subscribers of the ChatGPT Plus subscription to grant the generative language model access to the Bing search engine via the iOS app. Unlike the standard version of ChatGPT, the language model can utilize more up-to-date information through Browse with Bing. ChatGPT is trained on older data and has limited knowledge of events after 2021.

OpenAI has temporarily disabled the Browse with Bing feature in ChatGPT due to occasional issues with the content display. The company has taken this step to protect content owners and ensure compliance with copyright considerations. OpenAI aims to reinstate the feature as soon as possible but has not provided a specific timeline for its return. The Browse with Bing feature allows ChatGPT Plus subscribers to access more up-to-date information through the Bing search engine. Users can expect future updates from OpenAI regarding the availability of the feature.

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Last Update: July 4, 2023