Proton Mail, a well-known email service provider, has expanded its offerings by launching a desktop application for macOS and Windows users. They also announced plans to introduce a version for Linux users in the early part of next year. Proton’s CEO, Andy Yen, stated that although many users typically access email through a browser on a desktop, desktop applications have distinct advantages, such as improved offline support. This launch marks a significant step for Proton Mail, offering a service that even major players like Gmail do not.

The newly released desktop application is currently in its beta phase and is limited to subscribers of Proton Mail’s premium ‘Visionary plan’. The application lacks several features, including offline mode support, switching between accounts, notifications for unread messages, and the option to open emails through mailto links. Proton Mail plans to make the beta version of this desktop application available to all its users at the beginning of the following year, aiming to enhance the user experience further.

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Last Update: December 14, 2023