Your iPhone may be hacked! scam (iOS)

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Your iPhone may be hacked advertisements show up in your Safari browser on iPhone (iOS) when you are redirected to a deceptive website.

Your iPhone may be hacked is a social engineering scam, trying to trick you into installing software on your iPhone. In reality, your iPhone is not hacked, it is just redirected to a scam site, no need to scan or remove malware from your iPhone.

Your iPhone may be hacked!

Scam sites that display the fake your iPhone may be hacked message make money from each installation of the advised software. The cybercriminals are creating fake landing pages to deceive users into thinking something worse is going on with their device, hence the message “your iPhone may be hacked” to make sure the users install the software. Once installed or purchased the cybercriminals earn a few dollars.

Online scams are widely associated with dangerous websites, meaning these iPhone scams are associated with advertising networks most likely used on websites that are hacked or distribute free software such as piracy software or free online video websites. Make sure to stay away from this kind of website to prevent redirects to “your iPhone may be hacked” scams.

All you need to do is, swipe up on your iPhone, close the browser, or navigate away from the website. No need to clear cache or anything it’s useless, your iPhone is not hacked.



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