Avast takes over browser extension I don’t care about cookies

Security company Avast has acquired browser extension I don’t care about cookies. According to the developer, the extension will remain available for free and the man will also continue to participate in the project.

Developer Daniel Kladnik announced the news himself via a blog post. In it, he writes that security company Avast has offered to take over the project and he has accepted that proposal. It is not clear whether the developer also received a sum of money in return and how much it would be.

I don’t care about cookies is a browser extension that can be used to block cookie walls on websites. The extension blocks or hides the cookie walls in most cases. If a website requires user input regarding cookies to function, the extension will usually accept the cookie terms. The accompanying website of the extension states that in some cases it is decided to only accept the necessary cookies instead of all cookies. The extension also does not delete cookies.

The extension is available for the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera web browsers. The Chrome extension has been downloaded more than a million times at the time of writing. The extension is currently at version 3.4.3.

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