Blizzard will stop selling loot boxes in Overwatch this month

Activision Blizzard will stop selling loot boxes in Overwatch after the current Anniversary Remix event. Players will therefore no longer be able to spend real money on loot boxes from August 30, but can still earn them by playing the game.

Blizzard Gives Overwatch Players During Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 more weeks to buy loot boxes with real money. In a blog post, the game company explains that this is the last opportunity to obtain many exclusive skins. During Anniversary events, old cosmetic items, which in many cases can no longer be bought with in-game money, are temporarily returned. Players can purchase skins, sprays and other cosmetic additions during such an event with in-game credits or ‘earn’ them with loot boxes.

All unopened loot boxes will automatically open before the release of Overwatch 2. Players may automatically carry over all of Overwatch’s cosmetic items and in-game currency, including credits, OWL points, and competitive points, into the sequel. Blizzard previously announced that part two will have a new main currency with which players can buy cosmetic items in the in-game store. It’s not clear what players can buy with transferred Overwatch credits.

The sequel to the 2016 competitive shooter will be released on October 4. Overwatch 2 was initially supposed to co-exist with the original, but Blizzard later reneged on this when it was announced that the sequel would be free-to-play and would not contain loot boxes. The company then said, “We don’t want to split the player reel and this way we make the transition to Overwatch 2 as easy as possible.” The game will include 3 new heroes, 6 maps and 30 new skins. The shooter also moves from the 6v6 format to a 5v5 squad composition. There is now one less Tank per team.