Spotify introduces new personalized feeds for music and podcasts

Spotify is releasing a modified home screen design this week, first for the Android app and later for the iOS variant. The audio application now displays enhanced personalized suggestions across the Music and Podcasts & Shows categories.

At the top of the home screen of the Spotify application, there are now two buttons, Music and Podcasts & Shows. By clicking on one of the two buttons, the user is presented with a personalized feed according to the category clicked.

The feed under Music consists of listening suggestions for genres, albums and a playlist that the user probably likes, explains Spotify. Under Podcasts & Shows, especially the newest episodes of already listened to shows appear in the feed, with every now and then a listening suggestion for a similar show. Both feeds work with ‘cards’ showing, for example, the description of a podcast or the content of a playlist.

Until now, it has always been difficult to distinguish between podcasts and music, because Spotify mixes up the personalized suggestions. It will remain on the home screen, but users can now filter through the Android app if they specifically want suggestions in the Music or Podcasts & Shows category.

With the filtered personalized suggestions, Spotify is probably trying to make it easier for podcast listeners to find content in this category. It is one of the first major new features for the music service since it was announced that it suffered an operating loss of 194 million in the past quarter.