Google Cloud Acquires Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Siemplify

Google Cloud has acquired Israeli cybersecurity company Siemplify for an amount of EUR 442 million. The two companies have announced that. The Siemplify team will support the Google Cloud security team with threat response.

Siemplify develops tools for companies to recognize and respond to automated security incidents, i.e. security orchestration, automation and response. SOAR platforms constantly monitor a network for incidents and can intervene automatically, without human assistance. Google plans to add those SOAR tools to Chronicle security platform, which is part of Google Cloud for businesses, the company writes.

Google says it plans to expand SOAR capabilities with Siemplify’s cloud services at its core. Siemplify’s services will be fully integrated into Chronicle and the Siemplify team will support the Google Cloud security team with customer threat response.

According to Techcrunch, Google paid 500 million dollars, or 442 million euros for the acquisition. Siemplify was founded in 2015 in Israel and has a research department there. Siemplify is headquartered in New York. The acquisition of Google comes within a larger commitment to invest $10 billion in cybersecurity over the next five years. The company announced this in August 2021.