Zscaler Launches Zero Trust Security Solution for Cloud Workloads

Zscaler introduces a security solution for cloud workloads. ‘Workload Communications’ directs the mutual communication between cloud applications and workloads in a secure way.

Workload Communications is a logical extension of Zscaler’s existing offering. The function of two popular solutions in this offering, Internet Access and Private Access, shed light on the introduction. Internet Access and Private Access drive connections between cloud apps, private clouds, and endpoints through a secure tunnel. Workload Communications does the same for the interconnections between workloads in the cloud.


Workloads require internet access to communicate and be managed remotely via third-party API services. No one can get around that. The problem starts with a rollout in one or more public cloud environments. The safe walls of a private infrastructure are crumbling. The view of the data that workloads exchange is blurring.

In theory, the company network can be expanded to reach the new environment. Zscaler suggests an alternative. Workload Communications directs the connections of the workloads to the Zscaler cloud security platform. There it is determined whether the connection is allowed. Workloads are invisible to the internet. The malicious see nothing – and cannot approach anything. The distinguishing factor is the fact that a network does not have to be expanded to a cloud environment to provide security.

Workload Communications can be used to protect workloads in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. According to Zscaler, the approach does not affect speed and performance.