How do I know if my computer is infected with malware?

How do I know if my computer is infected with malware

Have you noticed that your PC is a bit slow lately or that some strange processes are active in the background? Then you may have fallen victim to malware. But the signs are not always clear. That’s why I give five ways to check if you have become a victim of the malware.

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How to recover files after ransomware virus

recover files encrypted by ransomware

More and more computers are infected by ransomware. Every day there are new victims whose computer data is encrypted by ransomware. These are more and more private individuals but also large companies. If ransomware has encrypted the computer data, an amount of money is requested in virtual cryptocurrency.

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Remove malware from Mac with CleanMyMac

remove malware from mac

do you still think Mac computers can’t get infected with malware? Then think again. Mac computers are increasingly infected with malware such as adware, viruses, and even ransomware. So it’s essential to adequately protect your Mac against malware.

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Remove POP-UP advertisements in Google Chrome

remove popup google chrome

When you visit internet websites, you will not escape pop-ups, i.e., ads that appear in a new window of the Chrome browser. Advertisements on the Internet are typical and are used to provide website operators with revenue for the costs they incur for the website.

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How can I see if my computer has been hacked?

I know one of your passwords

I am often referred to as a “hacked” computer when there is a malware infection or when abnormal behavior of the computer is noticeable such as strange activities, a slowed-down computer, and continuous rattling of the hard disk or high CPU usage which is not directly explainable.

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