MuleSoft Introduces New API Management Capabilities

MuleSoft offers new possibilities to build, manage and fulfill requirements from a central point.

Companies are building and using more and more APIs. The APIs are often spread across multiple environments. Think of hybrid cloud, public cloud or multi-cloud environments. The APIs must comply with many laws and regulations. This makes the API landscape for companies very complex.

MuleSoft aims to help businesses do this and is now introducing new API management capabilities for its Anypoint Platform. The new tools should enable companies to build, deploy, run and find APIs. Wherever these are built, what technology or programming language they have or where they are deployed.

The Anypoint Flex Gateway is central to the tooling. This is a lightweight, high-performance gateway that can be deployed anywhere. Bijvoorbeeld, in Kubernetes environments, on-premises and in various cloud environments.

The API Manager tool helps companies monitor and run APIs in any environment from a single environment. The API Designer tool makes the APIs ‘discoverableand available in the MuleSoft API Experience Hub. It does not matter in which language these APIs are written.

Governance from a central environment

verder, the new API Governance tool ensures that administrators can define the various governance rules on a large scale and enforce them on the APIs from a central location. It relieves administrators and compliance specialists of the task of checking and applying these regulations for the rollout of APIs. Als gevolg, developers know at an early stage what governance requirements the APIs they create must comply with.

verder, this tool gives companies more insight into the governance status for their entire API portfolio at a glance and therefore see exactly which compliance rules they comply with, MuleSoft indicates.