Maze ransomware is designed to encrypt your personal files and demand bitcoin to recover the files. The demand varies on different versions of the Maze ransomware.

Maze ransomware encrypts files on your computer and adds a string of unique characters to the extension of the encrypted files. For example, image.jpg becomes image.jpg.[uniquecharacters]

The decrypt text-file with instructions is placed on the Windows desktop: DECRYPT-FILES.txt

In the text displayed by the ransomware, the following is reported.

decrypt notice maze ransomware


| What happened?

All your files, documents, photos, databases, and other important data are safely encrypted with reliable algorithms.
You cannot access the files right now. But do not worry. You have a chance! It is easy to recover in a few steps.

| How to get my files back?

The only method to restore your files is to purchase a unique for you private key which is securely stored on our servers.
To contact us and purchase the key you have to visit our website in a hidden TOR network.

There are general 2 ways to reach us:

1) [Recommended] Using hidden TOR network.

a) Download a special TOR browser:
b) Install the TOR Browser.
c) Open the TOR Browser.
d) Open our website in the TOR browser: http://aoacugmutagkwctu.onion/
e) Follow the instructions on this page.

2) If you have any problems connecting or using TOR network

a) Open our website:
b) Follow the instructions on this page.

Warning: the second (2) method can be blocked in some countries. That is why the first (1) method is recommended to use.

On this page, you will see instructions on how to make a free decryption test and how to pay.
Also it has a live chat with our operators and support team.

| What about guarantees?

We understand your stress and worry.
So you have a FREE opportunity to test a service by instantly decrypting for free three files on your computer!
If you have any problems our friendly support team is always here to assist you in a live chat!


In most cases, it is not possible to recover the files encrypted by Maze ransomware without the intervention of the Ransomware developers. The only way to recover files infected by Maze ransomware is to pay the ransomware developers. I do not recommend paying for the Maze ransomware, instead, make sure you have a valid FULL back-up of Windows and restore it immediately.

maze ransomware

The developers of Maze ransomware offer support chat for victims on the payment page.

maze ransomware payment page

I’m not going to bore you with removal instructions that do not work. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to get your files back that is encrypted by the Maze ransomware, but they do not work. For example, system restore, shadow copies, boot in windows recovery mode etc, these instructions do not work.

It’s a waste of time and valuable money. Most likely you need to buy a malware removal tool, which is useless in the Maze ransomware to personal restore files, it might remove the payload (the file that encrypted your files).

Ransomware is specifically designed to prevent users from restoring files using windows recovery, system restore, shadow copies. The only thing I recommend is to read my article: What you should do when you are infected with ransomware. The article includes a FREE malware removal tool to remove the payload of the Maze ransomware and instructions on how to proceed after the Maze ransomware infection.

Last Update: April 7, 2023