Remove OneLaunch virus

Do not look further, this is a real removal guide. Read the entire article as it contains steps to remove this malware. When you are done make sure to download the free removal tool below to clean your computer.

OneLaunch is a fork of the Chromium Browser based on Google Chrome, identical to WebNavigatorBrowser, WebFox, and WebDefence. OneLaunch is installed using adware bundler software, meaning it is most likely installed without the consent of the user.

OneLaunch is usually recommended on the internet as a helpful browser by intrusive pop-ups that are associated with adware applications and advertising networks.


However, in reality, OneLaunch is a browser that collects all kinds of browsing data from your browser settings and installs a new toolbar in the web browser in Microsoft Windows.

OneLaunch toolbar

The web browsing data collected by the OneLaunch adware is used for advertising purposes. The browsing data is sold to advertising networks. Because OneLaunch gathers browsing data from your browser, OneLaunch is also classified as (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program by malware investigators.

OneLaunch web browser

OneLaunch will install itself in Windows 10. No operating system protection such as Windows Defender notices this Chromium-based browser as dangerous.

Remove OneLaunch

  1. Open Windows Control Panel.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Click the “installed on” column to sort the recently installed applications by date.
  4. Select OneLaunch by OneLaunch and click Uninstall.
  5. Follow OneLaunch uninstall instructions.

remove OneLaunch by OneLaunch

malwarebytes logoRemove OneLaunch adware with Malwarebytes

I recommend removing OneLaunch with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is a comprehensive adware removal tool and free to use.

Download Malwarebytes

Remove OneLaunch

  • Wait for the Malwarebytes scan to finish.
  • Once completed, review the OneLaunch detections.
  • Click Quarantine to continue.


  • Reboot Windows after all the detections are moved to quarantine.

Reboot Windows - Malwarebytes

You have now successfully removed OneLaunch malware from your device.

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James Sullivan
James Sullivan
29 days ago

One Launch comes up, asks for my email and password, then says my password is wrong. I ask and it says is sending password change to my email, but never arrives in either my input or spam.

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